Where’s the Revolution?
Depeche Mode

On their fantastic 2019 album, ‘Spirit’, Depeche Mode cry out ‘Where’s the Revolution? Come on people you’re letting me down!”. Indeed.

Because which revolution are they referring to exactly? A political system dominated by a greedy, bigoted buffoon? Deep systemic racism that protects it’s own? Environmental habitat destruction at the rate of 78 million acres of pristine rainforest lost a year? A profound lack of global recognition, support (and celebration) of our diverse LGBTQI+ communities? 35% of the planet without access to basic sanitation and clean drinking water? 

I could go on. But chances are if you made it through that paragraph, you’re relatively aware of how very lucky and fundamentally privileged you are. 

So this is hardly a ‘Let them Eat Cake’ situation because let’s face it, even the most insular, the most privileged, the most protected among us has not been left unscathed by 2020. 

Although the working class boys from Essex happen to be donning militaristic uniforms in their black & white dystopian music clip (video below), as David Attenborough’s beautifully filmed witness statement ‘A life on our Planet’ reminded me – revolution doesn’t have to be loud or bloody.

It just takes one small action followed by the next right thing.