Life in the slow lane
Steve McQueen driving

As Don Henley once crooned, “Life in the fast lane will surely make you lose your mind”. 

So I have to ask, if life in the fast lane will make me lose my mind – then what effect will life in the slow lane have?

Well in my quiet (privileged and non-parenting) COVID life, time in the slow lane has actually decreased my daily stress levels, dramatically increased creative output and allowed me to enjoy social activities at a restful, minimal pace.   

Working, eating, yoga-ing and zooming from home has meant that I have stretches of time where I don’t need to leave the house for days in a row.

I no longer have a 2 hour commute on top of a 9 hour work day – and I love being able to spring out of bed in the morning and start coding with a cup of tea and some inspiration. 

The slow lane has given me the opportunity to reflect on what’s really important in my life, extra hours for online course studies (right now it’s sketchbook illustration and logo creation) and even time with my partner to find and purchase the perfect piece of land to finally build that sustainable home.  

I have been surprised by how well I’ve adapted to life in the slow lane, and am resolved to keep it that way once the pandemic lockdown conditions ease.