Life finds a way

Each time I pass through the NSW Blue Mountains (and one of the sites of horrendous bushfires in summer 2019) I hear Jeff Goldblum muttering his famous Jurassic Park quote ‘Life finds a way’.

In his case, he’s predicting that all female dinosaurs will find a way to reproduce (and they do).

But in this case, life has found a way with the Aussie bush regenerating.

Our worst bushfire season ever, these devastating fires affected 80% of the country (either directly or indirectly) and is proving to be our most costly natural disaster to date.

Yet all through the mountains there are green buds and shoots appearing. Like feather boas on trees, life is returning.

Cicadas are out in full force with a deafening, mechanical chirping. And local businesses are open again for business (try to spend as much money as you can if passing through).

At a recent stop to a local nursery in the mountains, I was told the moving story by the owner of how the fire had come up over the ridge and he had fought it off with the water from his pool. His home was spared but he was left with just one seed-producing plant for next season and is now slowly rebuilding his native plant stock.